If we look back to see Geetadharma Mandal’s huge workspace and progress, then these could be major milestones:

  1. 94 year’s selfless movement of propaganda of ‘Geetadharma’ in service of people
  2. 49-year old non-stop movement of ‘Geeta Darshan’ spiritual-cultural magazine.
  3. 30th year i.e., after completing the silver jubilee, is the daily continuous Geeta discourses (presented through lectures/discourses/kirtans) as well as special series of lectures, e.g. Sakal Santa Adhyayan, Balashastri Haridas Smriti Gaurav, etc.
  4. Corresponding course examinations conducted in ‘Geetavrati’ from 1989, Dnyaneshwari Prabodh from 1996 and Shri Tukobarai Gatha Pravesh from 2000 onwards.
  5. Growing chain in the Pune region, today free-of-charges Geeta classes are running at 95 places, were started in 1994.
  6. Special Publication Section – To date more than 50 selected publications, including ‘Vividhageeta’ project.
  7. For study of Shri Geeta, most useful ‘Nalini Vasant Bhide’ rich reference library, which has centre for Indian Cultural Studies.
  8. Apart from the above, many public endeavours, e.g., every year, Geeta Kanthastha Competition, Adhyayvar Pathantar competition and Summer-Winter Sanskar Varga, Geeta Pathshala classes, Sanskrit grammar classes etc.

To note vital information about ‘Geetadharma Mandal’, past, current and planned information – Mandal was established on July 23, 1924. Since then, the work of the Mandal was carried out for some years at the rented space of Geeta Vachaspati Sadashiv Shastri Bhide, in Sadashiv Peth. In 1940, after death of Shastri ji, office was shifted at 3rd floor, Godbole Wada at Khalkar Talim Chowk in 200 sq ft space, and remained in place till 1970. Later, in the year 1970, Mandal bought 10,000 sq ft (1141, Bhidewada, Sadashiv Peth) place in Sadashiv Peth. A few years later, the construction of the new building was completed in one-third portion.

Thereafter, the Mandal progressed further. In 2005, half the work of this huge mansion was completed, where 4 commercial places and 3 spacious halls each with 1700 sq ft were completed. There are apt facilities made available for various Mandal activities. To the north of Mandal’s spacious surroundings, there is plan to build magnificent ‘Yogeshwar Hall’. For this, there is a humble expectation of generous donations from the Geeta followers and devotees. In case of financial donations given to the Geetadharma Mandal, these donations are eligible for 80G permanent deduction of Income Tax.